[SOLVED] Output of RestClient query truncated in IRB



I’m doing the Odin ‘kittens-API’ project, but when I get to the last part, where I use the ‘rest-client’ gem to query my API via the IRB console, the output is severely truncated:

The output is truncated whether I request a html or json response.

I would really like to see the whole output (kinda hard to finish the project otherwise).

Anyone any ideas on how to achieve this?

I am unsure whether the length limitation on the output is a Rails thing, or an IRB thing (despite much googling).


Oops, it was a classic RTFM failure!

I eventually thought (of the blindingly obvious option) to read the docs for RestClient.

The trick is to use puts <response>.body

[Pull request submitted, suggesting addition of this information to the project instructions. EDIT - changes accepted 07/04/19]