[solved] Auto complete with tab


This feature is not working on my install of Ubuntu 19 and was wondering if someone would be so kind as to point me to a reputable resource on how to set it up.

As I’m still extremely new to the operating system progress on the curriculum has been slow thus far. I’m constantly having to Google this or that because of things I’m not fully understanding.

Any links or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I am new to Odin & not familiar at all with Ubuntu. However, I thought I would attempt to help you, since you posted a few hours ago. I know that I’ve had a hard time with the auto complete feature, when I am not in the directory that I think I’m in. So make sure you know where you are at.

In addition, auto complete will only work once you’ve typed enough letters to identify that there only could be one option. For example, I have two folders inside odin_on_rails called google-homepage and google-searchpage. So when I am changing directories into my searchpage, I have to type in to the “s” to get it to work:

cd projects/odin_on_rails/google-s <tab for auto complete>

These two suggestions could be totally way off, but I thought it won’t hurt to see if it helps.


(Update: Seems you were right i wasn’t typing enough of the word so it didn’t know what to auto complete. I feel pretty dumb.)
Thanks for the reply. I’m pretty sure it’s something that hasn’t been set up properly. I’ve found it is also not working on xubuntu 18 at least for me which is the OS that the install guide wants you to use.

Problem is, is that OS refuses to to give me the unity sidebare which apparently is now obsolete anyways and has been replaced with gnome is Ubuntu 19. I’ve considered trying out Linux mint but don’t like the look of it because it is too close to the windows OS so likely won’t go that route.

In my research this month I’ve found out there are a lot of different versions of Linux to choose from so if I don’t like one I can try another. One thing I dont like about Linux in general is the learning curve. I know Windows extremely well but find that I struggle with some of the most basic things in Linux.

I have to take into account I’ve been using Windows since the early days and never used Mac or Linux except maybe once or twice in the past so never got used to them. In time all of this will probably seem simple but it’s made me realize I’ve been taking what I know about the windows OS for granted.

I find myself constantly frustrated because of something I can’t figure out and so gotta go back to Google or YouTube for a possible solution. And I can see why so many people start this journey and give up. Just the installation section had me wanting to pull my hair out.

Luckily I’m stubborn and want this bad enough.
Have a great night.


Hellow check on the directory you are first on your terminal (<ctrl+alt+t>) open terminal . Then Go ahead and check directory you are in by typing on terminal () then after which check the directory you want () then go to the directory with <cd (name of the directory)> for examplee mine <cd learning/odin_on_rails/google-s <tab for auto complet on ubuntu 19.04>


Thanks for the explanation. It’s getting a little easier the more I play around with the OS.


If you press tab twice it should give you all the options that match what you currently have.


Thanks I’ll try that.


This line’s commands they have been teaching in this course doesn’t work in my terminal


What terminal is that?