[SOLVED] Adding Linux ISO to VirtualBox

I can’t seem to load the Xubuntu iso file. Going to storage, clicking the empty disk and trying to choose optical disk file. It looks like the file isn’t there.

What am I doing wrong?

You need to navigate to the iso file (wherever you downloaded it to) and select the file.

If you are not sure where the file was downloaded, you might be able to find it in your downloads list in your browser and select ‘open containing folder’ to discover its location.

If you haven’t downloaded an iso file, you have probably skipped some step(s) in whatever VM setup guide you are following.

Hi jinjagit

That’s exactly what I did. The file is in the download folder, that is “overførsler” in Danish, but when I try to load it through virtualbox, I cannot see it.

I cannot see the file in your screenshot. Does it end in ‘.iso’?

No, that’s because I can’t see when I open through vb.

Here’s a screen shot from the folder

Now that I’m looking again, the file ends with iso.torrent. Don’t know if it makes a difference, but that was the one I could download on their site. Noob here :sweat_smile:

The file is a torrent file, not an .iso (it cannot be the .iso, as it is not large enough)

You need to download the iso file.

The torrent file you have will download the .iso IF you have a torrent client installed.

You do not need to download the .iso via torrent (you can choose to download from a mirror instead, on the same download page)

(Also, you have selected a torrent for the 32-bit system, are you sure you do not want the 64-bit?)

Ah, of course! Thank you, that makes sense.

I’m not sure… I read that 32-bit is lighter and my laptop is not the most powerful.

You’re welcome, of course :+1:

If your laptop is not that powerful, then why not dual boot? Then, when you run Linux, your laptop will seem more powerful, as it will only be running Linux, not Linux in a VM on Windows (= 2 operating systems at the same time).

Guess it seemed like a more approachable option to use VM + it was recommended. Maybe I’ll give both a try, see what works :smile:

Thanks again :+1::+1:

Cool. make sure you backup all important files / data before trying to set up dual boot, if you try.

Once you dual boot, you’ll never go back to a VM version :wink:

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