Should I run Linux on Chromebook


Hi all,
I’m a beginner to coding, looking to do web development as a career. Naturally I started taking the Web Dev 101 course. The installation overview section suggests using a Mac or Linux. I am currently working on a Chromebook. I see sites saying you can run Linux on a chromebook. Here is one example:

Have you tried this? Did you have success? That articles’ comments section has some red flags, so I’m interested in if anyone here has any success stories or suggestions.
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I actually am running GalliumOS, which you should definitely check out! However, that requires you to dual-boot “Linux” and ChromeOS, and you will have to partition your hard drive.

The easier/safer way is to use crouton, and here is an alternative guide for that..

I never had any problems other than the ones I was already expecting. I absolutely did not regret it, but I ended up reverting back because I’m waiting for a major GalliumOS update - hold up they already released a it!
I’ll be going through the process of running “Linux” on my Chromebook literally right now, so let me know if you have any questions. :}


You can run linux by also using a bootable drive, or using a virtual machine.


Here’s a tutorial I made not a while ago about bootable drive


Thanks for sharing, that’s new to me. Have you tried using it yourself for your coding needs? Is the disadvantage of running slow something that matters for web dev programs and apps? Or what do you use it for?


I’ve use it to install Kali linux to play around with the tools


@Eduardo06sp Thanks for sharing these interesting options.

I went ahead with Crouton and put it on my chromebook. Now I have xfce4 and can switch back and forth between that and Chrome OS, so that is cool.

I have a question! I’m having trouble with speed in xfce though. I noticed some apps like chromium were running slow, so I downloaded a fresh crouton installer and updated my chroot. It’s still running slow when I try to do simple things like open a new tab in chromium. Here is a screenshot of my task manager, it looks like a ton of resources are being used by a lot of processes and tasks, but no applications were running while taking this screenshot Take a look:.

I don’t know what’s going on here to use so many resources on the Linux side of the partition, unless that partition was small after splitting space with Chrome OS… what do you think?


Some minor clarification: using Crouton does not require hard drive partitioning. It actually shares the storage space with ChromeOS!

Perhaps it’s just specific apps? Try FireFox . And try updating your apps with sudo apt update then sudo apt upgrade. Press enter after each command and it will ask you to enter your password.