Should I partition Ubuntu or replace windows completely on a T420 for best performance



I have recently decided to undertake the Odin project. I have an ok job teaching a vocational subject but I don’t love it. I am an introvert by nature and have always enjoyed computers without any real knowledge beyond the surface. I am on a budget and bought a refurbished thinkpad T420 which is neat. It came preinstalled with windows 10.

I plan on using the laptop for Odin predominantly but also writing fiction and producing resources for work. I will be doing this with WPS open office software.

Would it be wise to just discard windows 10 and make xubunutu the only os on the laptop for the sake of disc space and performance?

Any and all advice welcome and appreciated.


Never mind, made an executive decision and just installed ubuntu (:


Wise decision :wink: Good luck with TOP I’m sure you’ll suceed