Setting up VM on 2 computers


My git status is now full of tons of untracked and unstaged files. I simply followed all the instructions from the tutorial on my second computer again, but added a new shh key to the same github account.

The files won’t go away, even after git clean commands. The majority look like program files with names like:


Is there a fix for this? Can I unlink Github from the second computer and re-link?

I just wanted to be able to do the odin project on 2 separate computers via one account.

Thanks in advance.


Still curious if there is a tutorial for setting up a second VM? What steps of the program installs would I skip? Obviously I shouldn’t need to remake a ruby_on_rails repo, but is that it?


As far as I know, you can work with git in any computer. Maybe you should clone the Github repository that you are working in the new computer and then remove these files that you dont want and make a new git commit…