Sendgrid addon: Error Provisioning User - User status - suspended


Just wondering if anyone has a solution / workaround, or has had the same problem:

History of issue:

I am following Chap 11, as part of Project 1: Ruby on Rails: Project Authentication.

Right at the end of this chapter, I followed the instructions for setting up and configuring the sendgrid addon for my heroku deploy.

When I then tried to get an activation email sent to my email I noticed it did not arrive. Checking the sendgrid addon I saw that the addon stated ‘User Suspended’.

I then found the Heroku sendgrid guide and saw it advised setting up an API, which I did. I then restarted the heroku app, but still had the ‘User Suspended’ message in the addon.

I then tried uninstalling and reinstalling the sendgrid addon, at which point the Heroku command raised an “Error Provisioning User - User status - suspended” error, and failed to reinstall the addon.

Since I am using the free tier of Heroku, and the free tier of the addon, I have no access to support services (other than FAQ’s which don’t solve my issue).

Not a deal breaker, as I have seeded the production db with ‘activated’ users, and I can see the activation mailing works OK in my local server. It would be nice to see this working in production, however. :pensive: