Scrapping and starting again (Ruby)


Hi there, I was looking for some help to do with Ruby on Rails. Basically I’ve made a mess of it, i got through most of the installation stuff and created my_first_rails_app which was working fine but realised later I forgot to cd into ‘Projects’ file so went back and quickly ran through the process again this time in the Projects file. After doing this I needed to make an edit to the app which i did by destroying the scaffold and re-generating which i now realise was probably wrong as the migration has messed up. So what i would like to do now is just remove all the projects and Ruby and start fresh. I am running Ubuntu in WSL and any help doing this correctly would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


You shouldn’t need to delete everything and start over. That would be overkill.

Just delete the folders that house the rails apps you created that you don’t want anymore.