Ruby Project 2.4 not working


Hello everyone! I’m on the Web Development 101 step 2.4. I’m pretty sure I followed everything however when I got to step 2.4 (where you run rails server then go to http://localhost:3000/cars via a browser) all i get is what’s in this image:

Hopefully someone will be able to help me. Thanks!


@trey0182 and you are sure you have run rails server or rails s?


Having the exact same issue. I checked my local host file and it’s showing “”. I don’t know if that has anything to do with the issue - do we have to alter the call-out or something? Because the output code is showing “Listening on tcp://”

Edit: found the issue - go to the link on the browser from the VM, not the Host OS.


I have the same issue and I am using Firefox on the VM. Any other ideas to get this thing to load in the browswer?



Can you give some more details about the exact issue and what you’ve done to get there? What commands did you type in the terminal? What did you open etc?

It’s hard to help without enough information.


Well, now it works. Seriously. I didn’t do anything else. I simply got up this morning, turned on my computer, and I was making cars. This makes no sense :confused: