Ruby on Rails final project done!


Hi all,
I started odin around april/may, i learned a lot and have to learn a lot more.Falling in love with learning new stuff :slight_smile:
Recently finished rails final project and wanted to share it here:

Users can send friend requests
Users can accept or decline friend requests
Accept or decline of friend requests is done via ajax request
Timeline is populated with posts of (logged-in)user friends
Users can post text/images
Users can like/unlike a post(via ajax requests)
Users can comment on a post
Users can change their profile picture
Storage of images is done with amazon s3 bucket

Rails is great and deep.

Thank you Odin.
P.s. I’m not good with css, but that’s what coming into the next section !Let’s go!


@AgonIdrizi congrats on all the progress! Pretty awesome to see your app and looking forward to getting to that level!


Thanks @hoangtommy,learning never stops and luckily odin is the best learning-guide on internet <3


Ok wow, cheers dude that is AMAZING!


Keep it up, you are good example of dedication and work. Work doesn’t stop!