Ruby-build help


I am trying to install the build per the instructions but when I enter mkdir -p “$(rbenv root)”/plugins I get bash: rbenv: no such file or directory and bash: mkdir: no such file or directory. I entered it as step 2.1 install rbenv has listed but no luck. I am new so any help is greatly appreciated


Have you restarted your terminal after installing rbenv?


thanks for the reply. Sorry mine is late. I did restart to no joy. But I ended up getting it I think. I just started from square one. There was just a couple of areas that I am not sure are 100 % about once I got to VS code changes. I took a couple of screen shots. But everything else seemed to check out.


Looks like you are up and running :+1:


Seems to be alright for now, I appreciate it. Looking forward too whats to come!!