Rookie xbuntu install problem

I have been trying for days to create my vm. I can download virtual box, but no matter what I delete I can’t free up enough space to download xbuntu. My current os is windows, any trips, tricks, or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Download this baby and find out what’s eating your space.

One more thing, when you creating disk for Xubuntu chose dynamic allocated size (if you didn’t already) which means that your Xubuntu disk will start taking only space it needs until it reach whatever max space you chose.

If your doing “Full Stack JavaScript”, windows will do just fine.
– Install VsCode then install Git Bash along installation choose VsCode as your default editor.
– Git bash will be your default command line/terminal

If your doing “Full Stack Ruby”, windows works too. (you’ll be using windows command line)
– Download and install RubyInstaller2 (v2.6…-devkit), it will also install MSYS2 (choose #3)
– Donwload and install RubyGems, then install gems like bundler, pry, byebug, rails 5.2.3…
– after that go back to RubyInstaller2 site & follow the instructions
– on installing both sqlite3 & nokogiri gems
– (you’ll need those 2 gems to successfully run your rails app/server)
– You also have to install git bash, will serve as your terminal for doing other stuff.
– And now your windows command line will be use for running .rb files, irb, pry, installing gems…
– Also in VsCode, windows command line will be your default terminal, and use it to run your code…

IMO, whether you use windows or linux or mac or virtual machine, there will always be problems on installations, running your programs, deploying your apps etc

The only choice you have is to figure it out, just like learning programming, google is your friend

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