Rock , Scissors , Paper (Console Version) Feedback


Hello , fellow coders !

I would really appreciate if , if somebody from here would dedicate a small amount of his/her precious time , to check my RSP Console Game project and give me a feedback.

I would like to know if my code , variables , comments are clear and on point.

Here is the link from the html file on GitHub :



It looks good. It’s definitely way better than mine was. Your functions are all really self-contained and you don’t have any variables hanging around outside of the functions they’re used in like mine did. I also like how the function that determines who won uses separate if statements for each condition and returns an explicit “Win” or “Lose” value. IMO it seems like programming in javascript should prioritize clarity and readability over trying to be too clever or overly-terse.

But I really don’t know anything so maybe someone more experienced can provide to more constructive feedback.