Rock paper scissors

Hello, I would like to ask for some help! why do I get an error saying that playRound is not a function when I try to call it here?


    //single round function
    function playRound(playerPick, computerPlay) {
    let computerSelection = computerPlay();
    let playerSelection = playerPick();
    switch(computerSelection + playerSelection) {

full code is here:
I’m sure it’s not the only problem with my code but for now I cannot figure out this part.
Big thanks

Not entirely sure what your parameter playRound is but your param and the function playRound() is confilcting. And I’m assuming you didn’t declared your function?

Next time, please post all your codes either here or use something like

function playRound() {

function game() {
    for(...) {

I did declare it. But also thought if I’m going to call a function in another function I need to set it as a parameter of that another function :thinking: I deleted the parameter playRound and now everything works.