Rock Paper Scissors game - my first HTML/CSS/JS project

Hello! I wanted to share my redesigned Rock Paper Scissors game. I’d be happy for someone to play around and give a feedback. Many thanks :blush:

Repository ->
Live preview ->


Love it, I’m new into this so my feed back is simple: I would love an explanation to the different weapons and what weapon defeat another weapon. Also more feed back after the play. Maybe a splash with a big POW in red or something. At first I didn’t know I was playing.

But love it, and the icons <3

Congratulations! Great looking little site. I enjoyed playing as much as possible, but it’s a bit confusing as you haven’t use rock, paper and scissors. The first round is definitely all about learning, which beats what:) But the look is really impressive. How far are you in the curriculum?

Thank you for your feedback! :green_heart:
I wanted to keep UI simple, but will add weapons explanation, just need to figure out where and how. :v:
About feedback after play - I’m not into any blinking/splashing animations, but will improve it somehow, because I want users to know, that they are playing. :grin: :sunflower:

Thanks! I will add weapons explanation, because I see it confuses people. :upside_down_face:
I am at the JavaScript Basics 8th point - DOM manipulation. Now reading additional resources before one more awaiting project… :slightly_smiling_face:

The game looks really neat! Love it!

Thank you! :blush:

Holy cow, are you just starting out, or did you just decide to revisit this after getting further along? I was happy just getting mine done but it looks like crap compared to yours. Well done.

Thank you! Before The Odin Project, I was learning a bit through freeCodeCamp. I did some responsive design projects there and that is how I got my basic HTML/CSS skills. :wink: