Restarting my journey at 44, starting with Ruby Full Stack course


Looking for someone or a group of someones to help me keep my head up and keep myself motivated. Currently starting the Ruby full stack courses but plan on doing the javascript courses after that. Kind of a little older than most but still eager to learn and contribute! So if interested just let me know.


I am also currently doing the ruby course if you want to complete it together then reply, and I have already completed web development 101 and going through ruby programming section of the course


I just got my VM up and running and I’m still doing web101. I’d love to help out when I can but I’ll need a little time to catch up to you!


Should also note I’m in the US on Eastern Standard Time.


Welcome to TOP! Be sure to join the Discord group. It has really helped me stay motivated. Sometimes, when I tired of reading/learning, I’ll just check Discord out. It’s a great place to ask questions, or just chat! I love it when I can help someone that is stuck on a project that I’ve already done, because it helps me learn what I know a little bit better (plus, learning to read other people’s code is important)! BTW, I’m 40 and started TOP 3 months ago. There is a wide range of ages of people here.