javascript assignment 3


Hi fellas, how are you today ?
I run into some problem which is I dont really know english specially in math literacy,it wil be so helpfull if you guys can help me ?
this is what I dont understand it :sunny:
Let’s do some math.
(let’s make the computer do some math for us)

for each of the variables in the code supply the requested formula

a = one plus eight!
b = 22 times three!
c = the remainder of 5 / 4
d = the variable a minus 17
e = the sum of the previous 4 variables

then my answer :slight_smile:
const a = 1 + 8;
const b = 22 * 3;
const c = 1
const d = -6;
const e = 74.5;

console.log({a, b, c, d, e})
i know its wrong but i dont know which one ?
thank you ,bless you


Hi! Well you need to fix variables
c, d, and e.

For variable c, you need to make the computer do the calculation, just like you did for a & b.
There’s there’s an operator that allows you to do this, keep searching. :}

For variable d, again, write the expression as well.
Do the same for variable e.

Let me know if you have any further questions! I wish you luck. :smile:


You did right in variable a and b. For c to e, make the computer do the work like how you did in a and b. Hope it helps.


Hi @alidhgfur

You need to supply the actual formula to get it to work.

So c shouldn’t just be 1, it should be 5 % 4. d should be a - 17 and e should be a + b + c + d


thanks guys




thank you