Recruiting Project/Learning Partners


Hi all, my name is Wen, and I joined the odin project just last week and have been very surprised by how well done the curriculum is so far. I really enjoyed even the environment set up itself.

Goal: I am looking for people who are actively working through the materials on this site, and is willing to pair on projects, and even gather learning materials, and discuss topics together.

Method of pairing: pretty much anything from code sharing to live code pairing sessions.

Status: I am almost finished with my first basic project of HTML/CSS of cloning the google homepage. And I might continue with the more difficult version of the search results page.

Feel free to reach out to me and we could come up with a learning strategy! I am excited to meet whoever is interested in learning together.

Good luck to all who is just starting,


Hey Wen,

I’ve just joined the committee. I have been creating html/css pages, integrating ecommerce platform, and setting up content management system here and there for the last decade. I am pretty new to most of the things. How can we connect?


Hi Greyoncloudnine,

Thanks for reaching out! You can reach me at, if you’d like to discuss what your learning goals are and what you hope to get from a project partner. I often need to go around to different tutorials to really understand the materials, and sometimes, being able to reach out to other people who are also working through similar things is very helpful because I would be able to see how the other person were able to arrive at their solution, which may be completely different from mine. It’s also good to be able to learn from others in general through code pairing sessions, especially on the bigger projects.




I am also interested to join.



Hi Estherns,

Recently my activity on TOP has slowed down. But if you have anything specific you’d like to discuss about, questions, or obstacles, just email them to me at It might be a learning opportunity for me as well.

Good luck!