Receiving Spam Emails From The Odin Project


I’ve been receiving this shit of spam emails from contact[at]theodinproject[dot]com

These are like adult emails saying stuffs like “Spend Your Evenings With Beautiful and Intelligent Women!” with pictures of half naked women.

The names I’ve received this emails from are:

  1. The Beauty
  2. Love-Swans

These are coming via

So whoever is in control might want to look into it.

P.S. The Odin Project is not the only one though. I’m also receiving same emails from another Coding Bootcamp platform called Thinkful. They too are coming via


Hi @livelyprince we sincerely apologise for any in appropriate emails you’ve received from us. There was a breach on our third party email provider earlier today. We have resolved the breach and are investigating how it happened.


Hey @KevinMulhern, it’s totally okay. I’m happy that it’s resolved. Thank you for the prompt action ^^


Well, did you spend the night with a beautiful woman or not? Stop leaving us hanging…