saved to my_first_rails_app


Hi all, im pretty new to this and somewhat clueless so please bear with me, when doing the lesson on practicing Git basics i saved the file to my_first_rails_app so when i try to open it on the text editor its not there. can anyone help resolve this problem? thanks in advance and hope this makes sense.


You should be able to move the file from the my_first_rails_app directory into the proper directory via the command line. Assuming you want it in your git_test folder, I would:

  1. While in your git_test folder, check the path to it via pwd, e.g. /home/username/the_odin_project/git_test
  2. cd into the my_first_rails_app folder (and use ls to confirm your file is in this folder)
  3. Move the file to git_test using mv: $ mv (to the path you confirmed above)

Now when you cd back to git_test the file should be there and you should be able to open it as described in the lesson.

If you’re not super comfortable with the command line yet, you could also go into your file manager and just cut the file from the my_first_rails_app folder and paste into git_test.