Rbenv: no such command `install'


Hello! I am trying to install Ruby (step 3.3 on OSX Mojave system). When I type rbenv install 2.6.3 --verbose, I get this message:

rbenv: no such command `install’

I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing rbenv, and I also did a “brew update” and “brew upgrade ruby-build”. All of those things updated and upgraded just fine, but I still get the no such command `install’ , even if I re-start terminal or re-start the computer.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I’ve googled and googled and also tried Discord, but alas, nothing has worked so far.



here are some other solution. Try to install ruby-build with apt-get.


Thanks! I spent a lot of time on that page yesterday. There are a lot of different answers to that question, and I wasn’t sure where to begin. I first tried this (under #238):

On Mac OS X you can install it through homebrew:

brew install ruby-build

That didn’t work, and I wasn’t sure about what exactly the others did. Soooo, today I tried this link also from the same answer, first option, because I figured might as well, who knows. (It was scary because I didn’t know if that’s what would work for my set-up.) This finally solved it!!! YAAAAAYYYY!!!

git clone https://github.com/rbenv/ruby-build.git “$(rbenv root)”/plugins/ruby-build

Hooray! Thanks for suggesting it again. It spurred me to be more adventurous! :grin:


Thank you for this - helped me get set up today!