Railsinstaller.org down?


Hi everyone. I’ve been trying to install rails from railsinstaller.org since last night but keep getting “error: connection timed out”. I had a look online and can’t seem to find a mirror, is there one out there? Thank you!


I seem to be having the same issue. Must be something on their end. Were you having trouble with the installfest?


Hi Jonathan, sorry you’re having the same problem! Yes downloading rails from railsinstaller.org is the first step in the installfest for windows so I’m a bit of a loss what to do until this website is working again!


@dreampipe what operating system are you using? You don’t need to download an installer to get to Rails. Check this out. There options for Ubuntu, MacOS, and Windows.


@Ipsv. Hi. I have Ubuntu on Windows 10 installed. Do I use the options for Ubuntu or windows ?


Hey @ROD-Atelier

You would use the ubuntu option if you are using the windows bash profile.


Many thanks. I have started with the installations. Going smoothly.


Hi all - I was able to download here: