Rails: Precompiling assets failed Error


I’ve been trying to fix it for 3 days now and lovely, tons more experienced people on Discord took a shot at it.
Here is my error:

And here is my public repo:

We tried everything, I even started a new Heroku project and a new Rails app just in case. But no dice.

It just feels like it’s a waste of time since I’m not learning anything so I’ll skip it for now.


Run bundle exec rails webpacker:install in the rails project folder in your terminal.


Gives me the same error, and it overwrote some files


Try yarn check --integrity and let me know the output

yarn check v1.19.2
success Folder in sync.
Done in 0.09s.


What version of rails are you using?


Rails 6.0.1


The weird thing is someone copied my repo and was able to push to Heroku no problem…

I even started a new rails app and a new Heroku app too.


Should I just not worry about it since it’s the beginning?


If someone else was able to push maybe you should reinstall the heroku cli


Okay, I uninstalled it and downloaded it using snap.
Giving me the same error


It’s really hard to say without knowing how your system is set up and what you’ve actually installed. I say move on for now and see if you still encounter any issues.


Thanks. I know you have a shit ton of experience so it helps to know I’m not making a bad decision by moving on.

If I run into these issues with my next rails app, then I will certainly investigate it.