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Hello Everyone, One of my friend was suggested to me put our query here. I am new in the coding sector and As of current trends I want to learn python and I am looking for online python course where i can start learning to code. I have search to find free course and found list of free course Can anyone suggest me which one course is good for fresher point of view?

@Arjun_Kumar I hope that helps.

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Just go though with Head First Python.

I’ve been going through the book “A Python Crash Course” by Eric Matthes. It’s very well made and includes some interesting projects at the end to apply your skills!

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Thanks @MichelAnge its very useful to me. I have go through this post also. I have found the best course list. Its also a great source.

Honestly speaking, I too was in a similar situation up until a few months ago where I was on a lookout for quality sources that would help me master Python Programming language. Multiple challenges pervaded my journey of learning Python. Now after finally succeeding in my venture of bagging a high-paying software development job in a top product based company, I believe, I should put an answer to this question so as to make your learning process less time-consuming and less troublesome than mine.

To master Python Programming language, I had left no stone unturned. I had purchased plethora of courses, books, PDF material, but I always used to hit a wall after a few days into the learning. In majority of the cases, I felt that the author/tutor was in a hurry to get to the end of the course and was not educating the rationale behind writing those pieces of code and assuming that one is well versed with the Python Programming environment. However, that is not the case with someone who is a beginner in this domain.

I dropped the idea of learning from those resources, and instead resorted to YouTube. The issue with learning from YouTube is the fact that it being a ‘free and open for all’ community attracts lots of creators who are considering to make a quick buck. Content quality of such tutorials is questionable. Moreover, one cannot prove of one’s grasp on the subject to potential employers, due to no provision of obtaining certification for the courses completed on YouTube. This may hinder one’s career, especially in cases where employer has set a criteria of choosing candidates with relevant degree/certificate.

Then I got to know about Digital Defynd.They have made a long list of available python courses. think that will help you.