Query for beginner (How to navigate into directory)


Hi, I have just started my journey on The Odin Project. I am still at the very beginning of the lesson. However, I feel stuck and I need help. How do we navigate to the created directory?

Here is a list of my history
Peters-MacBook-Pro-2:~ peter$ mkdir test
mkdir: test: File exists
Peters-MacBook-Pro-2:~ peter$ cd test/
-bash: cd: test/: Not a directory

Can anyone please help?
I appreciate your response.


maybe you can ls -l and find test then check if test is directory or not.
or you can straight away delete test with rm command, and mkdir test again.
hope this help.


leave out the /. Just cd test. Assuming your pwd is Peters-Macbook-Pro-2:~ which it appears to be in the example above.