Przedstawienie się



To focus your attention I wrote the topic in my native language - Polish. Maybe thanks to that I will meet my neighbour or something, So… I am 21 old ,and Finally I started my journey with programming, why Finally? Because I was thinking about that since I went on studies 2 years ago. However Yesterday I said to me ( I know that is weird) that i must stop thinking and start doing something on this path. Earlier I had many fears for example:

  • My English isn’t perfect ( As you can see)
  • I don’t have time
  • I am too weak in Maths to do this

Now, I can see that If I would be persistent, systematic and Humble enough I will be fluent in english, I can find out time (I think that was excuse of lazy me :wink: ) and I can improve my Math skill. Today, In last moment I have changed topic of my bachelor’s thesis. Before my he was about Cryptocurrency = “Why countries wants make up own centralized cryptocurrency” (In short: no black market, tax froud, full control e.t.c). That topic was easier for me , because I was acquainted in this ,but suddenly I realized that I want topic where I don’t have big knowledge so I changed it. My new idea is make up Project connected with Programming, Maybe Web App? I am newbie and I know that Programming needs a lot of time! Fortunately, I am there People who are similiar to me and completely opposite, but we have One common feature We like Programming.

Thanks for your attention ,