Project / Study Partner!

Hey! I live in Arizona, so if you’re on pacific time it’s a bonus but not necessary. Another bonus if you’re start up minded! :wink: Working on the Javascript stack but also down to learn Ruby too. Right now I’m finishing the Javascript Exercises, but I tend to skip around a bit so no problem if we aren’t in the exact same place (open to practicing earlier things and learning quicker for people further ahead). Let’s learn together! Discord ID: zietzsche#6166

Hey I started the Javascript track today! Would be really cool to have a study partner to keep me accountable haha. Sent you a request on Discord if you wanna chat more (I’m Silver). :slight_smile:

Hi there, I’m Alex and I’m before the pomodoro project in the curriculum. I live in the UK, so time zone is GMT 0. I’ve built a mini portfolio site, and added the calculator project and another staff to it. I know a bit more about programming than this curriculum, but not about the HTML and CSS part. I’ve sent you a friend request if you wanna do something together, let’s do it:)