Project Pairing


Hello, I just started the Odin project but am not a stranger to coding (Bit of C++, Python, C#, Java, html, css - but mostly Python - but in a very 3d package way - ie Maya/Max). It is half of my job. That being said I am going to make a pet project for a group of horse enthusiasts (I’m one of the enthusiasts and - they can’t decide how to communicate and really I need a motivational project - so anything ponies is motivational to me) - Essentially I’m making a website - with some chat features, some feed type posting features, some forum features (partial automatic from feed - as who doesn’t want to save 2019’s babies in a forum of glorious pictures or some such?)

So while I don’t need a partner exactly, I would love one to share ideas with - motivation (I get coding ADD and start things forget to finish see some new shiny tech etc) - and for hopefully what will be a strong portfolio piece.

I’m in the UK - but don’t really care past providing the info in case someone desires to join my pet project and needs/wants my - not so sage wisdom.


Hey Kristen,

I can’t say I share a passion for horses but if you need someone to bounce ideas off you can reach out.



Yes that would be great. Right now I’m researching and thinking about what I want. What frameworks I think I would like to use and to scope the project into some smaller chuncks. I’ve written a high level doc of eventual goals/brainstorming.

I’m currently thinking a DJango framework seems up my alley given its Python nature, but I might try others and am definitely looking for suggestions for a framework that will all it to be an app & web page. I’m thinking a bit lofty in the goals department.