Problem with adding SSH key to Heroku - stuck with Step 4.3: Add your SSH Key to Heroku [SOLVED]


Hi i am on the “PROJECT: YOUR FIRST RAILS APPLICATION” and am stuck with adding SSH key to heroku.
After being prompted with the question “Would you like to upload it to Heroku?” as i say yes. It says invalid credentials provided. In the previous few steps when it asked to form an login and password on heroku - It was my first time ever visiting the Heroku website and creating my login. What shall i do. thanks in advance.

This os the copy paste from the terminal

ShreemangalsMBP:my_first_rails_app shreemangalsethi$ heroku keys:add
Found an SSH public key at /Users/shreemangalsethi/.ssh/
? Would you like to upload it to Heroku? Yes
Uploading /Users/shreemangalsethi/.ssh/ SSH key… !
▸ Invalid credentials provided.
heroku: Press any key to open up the browser to login or q to exit:


Did you press any key which would then allow you to login as suggested?


Thanks i got it. Appreciate it.