Problem on 3.3 Hooking local to remote repository



I’m almooooooooost there, I think its because I didn’t get the right url.
Are we supossed to take the SSH url from the repository?


Because when you created the repo, you added a readme file to it, this is an initial commit. Now you are trying to push your rails app there and it doesn’t contain this commit, they are mismatched. It’s telling you to run git pull origin master then git push -u origin master which is the way to resolve it. However you will have a merge conflict as you have two readme files, it’s easier to initialise the repo on GitHub without a readme so you don’t have this problem.


Ok so I deleted the repository on github and then re-created it with the same name and it still shows it was created 20 hours ago.
Is it better if I delete it again and start over creating the application?

Sorry if this seems silly, I truly have no idea what I’m doing.


That looks ok to me. The 20 hours ago is probably when you made your last commit to git, not when you pushed it up to github.