Problem Installing Ruby


I get an error with sudo after I enter my password:

` XXXXX is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported.

What is wrong and how can I fix it?

This is on the latest version of Fedora.


You’ll just need to add yourself to the administrators group -

sudo usermod -aG wheel username

replace username with yours :slight_smile:


actually that command won’t work since you don’t have sudo privileges. Try this instead:

  1. Enter su in the terminal (this will switch you to the root user)
  2. Enter usermod -aG wheel username, replacing username with yours
  3. Enter exit


Thanks for the quick reply, but that didn’t work. I think that I’ll just install Ubuntu instead. Could Fedy have messed up my sudo?


And I get a different message now: sudo: apt: command not found

I get this when trying: sudo apt update


yep i have the same thing


Are you still on Fedora? It doesn’t use the “apt” package management system. That one is mainly for Debian derived systems like Ubuntu. Fedora uses DNF. You can learn more about it here -


Thank you everyone who tried to help. I’ve just installed Ubuntu and things seem to be working now.