Problem in Step 4.7: Push to Heroku / PROJECT: YOUR FIRST RAILS APPLICATION


Hi, I have problems in Step 4.7: Push to Heroku, in the project: your first rails application.
I can`t push to Heroku, when I run the git push heroku master command, The following message appears in the console:

! [remote rejected] master -> master (pre-receive hook declined)
error: failed to push some refs to ‘

Please helpme :frowning:.

Greetings from Chile


Someone helpme in the chat, and I resolved the problem. :)!


So…how did you fix it? I have the same issue…


Hi! I had to update the ruby ​​version in the console and repeat all the steps


If you do this and it does not work for you, I recommend asking for odin project chat, someone answered me and was very kind


Interesting. I had to fix an issue in a file I had changed. It was actually easy to do, but I had to learn to read the error code. Thanks for the tip to use chat. They helped me a lot :slight_smile:

Good luck with TOP!