Hey Everyone,

I am still new to all of this and I am quite frustrated. I initially got my VM setup with Linux with no problems, however I was on my wife’s laptop and I needed to do it on mine. I setup the VM, downloaded Linux and I am currently trying to setup guest additions however I am stuck on one of the last steps. The instructions are telling me to enter “sudo /media/$USER/VBox*/VBoxLinux*.run”. I have checked over and over and have confirmed I am entering it correctly. I keep getting "sudo /media/$USER/VBox*/VBoxLinux*.run:Command Not Found. I looked in the actual file: Filesystem>Media>user, and it is empty. Is this right? Anyone have any suggestions?



Hey @tegamb

Can we see some screenshots please?


Sorry, been really busy. Here is the error.


No one? I went into my files and I don’t appear to have a media file, does could that be the problem?


Hey there! You may try Maybe this will help. Also try reading the comments in this link, it may also have some solution:)


I got time to mess with it a bit more. I think it has something to do with the fact I cannot mount the media device. I attempted it again and got this error.


Okay! For anyone who wants the answer! This new error gave me new google material which finally provided the answer to the mystery.

Here is the link:

Specifically this:

"I ran into this problem recently (Sept 2017) trying to install Guest Additions into Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager version 5.1.28, in a newly-installed VM for Ubuntu version 16.04.3. The host is Win-10. The problem was that the Guest Additions CD image was already mounted. To fix it:

In the VM Manager under Settings->Storage, under Controller: Right-click on VBoxGuestAdditions, and select “Remove Attachment." There will be a confirmation box: click “remove.”
Click the “+” icon next to “Controller," to add new optical drive. A dialog box will open. Choose “Leave Empty-> Okay”
Open the VM and select Devices->Insert Guest Additions. It should install now. Power off the VM (not the VM Manager) and restart the VM. GuestAdditions should now be working."