Podcasts for learning during commute?


Are there any podcasts that are especially good for TOP students as we work through the curriculum? Alternatively, do you have any other ideas for how to keep learning while commuting?

Searching this forum, I see that many TOP students were brought here by an episode of the Code Newbies podcast, specifically Episode 2.


@rickymccallum87 here are some podcasts that I enjoy. They aren’t specifically TOP podcasts but good general development podcasts:


@rickymccallum87 @1stevengrant

Good question, and excellent reply. Podcasts added to my bookmarks. Thanks! :sunglasses::+1:


I think this one is no longer being updated. But still some good episodes https://starthere.fm/#=


https://devchat.tv/ruby-rogues/ which is hosted on: https://devchat.tv/


Iteration is a really good one I just started listening to. Its basically a 2 person book club. They read a programming related book and discuss it chapter by chapter. Each book is a “season” and each episode focuses on a chapter on the book.
iteration Podcast