Pilot newbie from Singapore

Hi guys my name is Irfaan, 24 from Singapore. I’m currently a Pilot with Jetstar Asia, but with the pandemic that has occurred it’s given me the time to explore my other passions.

I’ve been wanting to learn how to code for quite some time. I’ve just started the web development 101, and was wondering if there are any newbies like me out there looking to pair up so that we could embark on this coding adventure together :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Irfaan,

I am also looking to learn web development. Looking to pair up too.


Hi there Victor,

That’s great. Ive just started web dev 101. How far along are you?

Hi, I have also developed this new interest of coding but currently have no idea as of how to start. A help would be highly appreciated

Have you checked out our website? It has a step by step guide on how to get started.

Hi Irfaan,

I just discovered this site yesterday and I am taking the Javascript curriculum. I had some Python programming experience, but would like to learn full stack JS with Node. Feel free to directly reach me via email hongjenwang@gmail.com, and we can chat a bit.

Hey! I have a bit of general coding experience and a few classes in web dev but I haven’t done it in over a year so I intend to start over from web 101 now. I would totally be down for a study buddy or a little group of fellow newbies to chat with about all the relevant stuff :slight_smile:
My discord is Thomas_#1725 hit me up!