Partner Sought for 101 - Pomodoro Project


Hi, I’m in Ashburn, VA, looking for a partner for the 101 Pomodoro Project. I prefer meeting in person, but remote pairing considered as a supplement/alternative. I’m committed to doing this project with a partner, but undecided as to whether I’ll proceed with a partner as I progress through the Full Stack curriculum.


Hi Lazarus,

Are you still interested in pair programming with someone on the Pomodoro Project? If you’re cool with remote pairing, I live in the Chicago area


Yes, still interested. I’m sending a direct message now.


Hey hope i’m not too late :sweat_smile: im not at that project yet but i’d love to be a partner!


Hey, I just realized that you guys might be inquiring specifically about the Pomodoro Project… At this point, I’m long past finished with that one. But I’m happy to provide input on your work. I’m on halfway through with Ruby Programming now, about to do a quick project on recursion (probably too basic for partners) but I am interested in pairing on future projects in the Ruby curriculum.