Partner Online or Seattle


Hi I am just starting out and would love to have a partner going through the same. We can be online partners or if you’re in Seattle, I would love to meet up.

Thanks and good luck everyone!


Yup we have a discord group if you want


Hey welcome to the community! Glad to see you’re reaching out for a partner. I’m completely new too, so I’m definitely looking for someone to work with as well. I live in North Carolina so obviously meeting up is not gonna happen :joy: unfortunately :sleepy: But if you want we can work online together! Just let me know.


Hey Brice, I’m definitely interested in joining the discord group! :grinning: If you could send me an invite I’d totally appreciate it. Would really love the opportunity to work with you and whoever else may be in the group already. I’m highly motivated to learn and get a lot of work done as quickly as possible. I struggled in the past, because I had no clear learning path outlined but after finding The Odin Project I know I’ll be able to make much faster progress, and then can start implementing the skills; hopefully with some partners of course. :smile:


Sweet! I’m in too!


Hey, sorry to answer late! Here is the link:


I am also new so I would appreciate if someone wants to be my partner


Hey Brice is it too late to join?