Partner Needed! Ruby On Rails Course!


Hello Everyone,

My name is Giovanni and I’m currently doing the Full Stack Ruby on Rails course. I’ve just started my Web Development 101 lessons and was hoping to pair up with a few people so we can learn from each other.

Little Background:

I’m a Programming & Software student at Purdue University and i’m teaching myself Full Stack because traditional school doesn’t go as far to teach you what you need to be ‘job ready’. I’m a couple of years away from my Bachelors so this is a great time to learn my specific technology stack, and be as fluent as one can be before job searching.

My Discord user name is gruiz016 #8814 - added me so we can get to know one another, and start coding!


Hey, I’ve sent an invite on Discord. My name’s Josh, and I’m just getting started on the Web Fundamentals as well, so I was hoping to learn with a partner as well.

I’m currently a retail worker looking at future college options locally, but studying to get into a programming job before/during college.

I currently have a background in Unity game development using C#, as well as a very small ability to troubleshoot Swift.


hey @gruiz016 i sent you a request on discord… would love to connect too?
@Jmcm16 can you share yours too?


Hi I just sent a request. I’m also doing the Ruby on Rails Full stack path. I’m hoping to learn with some people as well. My background is in business but I have always had an interest in tech. Anyone else feel free to add me.