Partner/group needed: FS Ruby on Rails (True Beginner: no background, but eager to learn!)


I am just starting the Intro 101 course now but really want to find a partner or group to help me on this journey. Like I said, I have no previous training or experience. I know my way around a computer, but only in terms of day to day application as a social science undergrad student. So in regards to my situation, I might assume patience and understanding might be necessary. However, I am a quick learner, and have always excelled at math and science. I was considering an engineering degree but was very intimidated and hesitant to make that commitment. All in all, I had no idea what I wanted or who I was so I regretfully choose a completely different path: Anthropology.

Jump ahead 15 years, I feel as though its not too late to take the plunge. I’m a female living in Denver, CO (MST) and have a flexible schedule. I want to attend Turing beginning in mid-March and thought having some background knowledge would be at my advantage!

hit me up!


Hi, there!
I am also a true beginner. I have no background whatsoever and am not too good with computers. I am currently in South Korea as a teacher and I am looking to make a career change.

I graduated from the University of Wyoming with a Criminal Justice degree lol so I am no stranger to Colorado! My buddies and I used to drive to Fort Collins and Denver all the time.

I am interested in having a study partner to keep each other accountable and motivated. I will be getting my new laptop today so I am excited to start on this journey.


I am still looking for a partner but I’m concerned with our 16 hr time difference. Do you think that would be an issue?

I’m UTC-7 while you are UTC+9


I too made a career switch, after never using my first degree. Years later, I went ahead and went back to school for Computer Science and never looked back. It’s so much easier and more fulfilling when you find a field that you’re passionate about. The pay certainly helps ^_^. Lots of demand!

Best of luck on your journey and don’t hesitate to reach out!


Hi, another beginner here. I’m also looking for a career change. I’m also interested in colaboration. I’m just starting out too, I’ve worked in construction for 10 years after dropping out of SUNY Stony Brook. I did complete some tough math and science course, but I don’t have any computer skills. I’m keen on working together with all of you, so feel free to reach out to me.

I live in NY, UTC-5.


There’s another thread started, I think it’s the 2nd or 1st one that pops up when you come to the forum. We are starting a study group. So far there’s 3, it was literally started yesterday/this morning. We are all in the same page. We are doing a group in an app/site called discord. If you’re interested send me a friend request there. My name there is Nefarious_Mellow#6167


Ok, thanks. I forget my discord name, it might be “Thrillem”,