Pairing Up


Hello, I live in Europe (GMT+1) and I’d like to pair up with people, so work more consistently on projects. Pairs or (small) discord groups would be best for me.

I’m not very ahead in the ODP, I’m just up the rock paper scissors bit. Anyone interested?


I live in Victoria, Australia, which is 10 hours ahead of Europe. I am also looking to just casually pair up with people to work on coding projects. Since I am a student, I can work pretty much any time on weekends, & at about 7pm to 9pm on weekdays.


Sounds good to me. I’m also flexible on times. Gonna make up a d group only if anyone else is interested.


Which track are you on. I’m just starting Full Stack JS and I’m looking to pair up with someone.


Full Stack JS too.


Awesome. Do you have a discord group or anything that I can join?


Great! I’m also GMT +1 cause I live Germany, I’m gonna add you on Discord :slight_smile:


I created the discord to join for who wants to join, since we’re more than two:

I will be on later today to fix the details, for now enjoy!


Hi Amara,

I am not able to join this group.