Overcoming Brain Funk



Do you ever get to a part of your lesson, or a project that you’re working on, and your brain just does not wanna grasp it? The text just becomes dksjfhsdjfhkdjh keyboard smash and you find yourself reading the same line over and over? But you might have an easier time understanding the lobsters in the tank at a seafood restaurant? Yet it’s such a simple lesson! I’ve been stuck on the same page for a while now simply because I start reading it and it goes from comprehensible English to casual Spanish.
(I failed Spanish in High School)

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, how did you overcome it?


Definitely have been there a couple of times so far, and regularly experienced it when I was in school.

I used to try and push through, but have been more recently taking that as a cue that I need to step away for a moment (maybe even go look at lobsters in a seafood tank). I have noticed a marked difference in my concentration if I just get up and move for a bit, and get some water.

I try not to take in other digital stimuli during these breaks either and I think that gives some relief too for myself anyway.

Hope something in there is helpful. It’s a tough spot to hit.


Ooh yes, happens frequently.
If you can, going for a 15-30 minutes walk outside might save you much more time than pushing through it for 2 hours.


I am currently experiencing this, lol.
It’s not the first time either; when it starts happening, I just stop reading, and go do something else so I don’t end up frustrating myself.


I experience it all the time. One way to help you get through it is to use the Pomodoro Technique. I set my sessions to be 30 min of focus and 5 min of rest and I just lay down and close my eyes for those 5 whole minutes.

Some of my friends disagree with me stating that the Pomodoro Technique is a great way to interrupt your workflow and I don’t find it to be true. Of course, if you are on fire just continue till your brain start to lose power and then just take some minutes of rest. Otherwise, it will keep you focused on the longer run and prevent some of the “brain funk”.