Option to Donate to the site?

I was just curious as to whether or not there was an option to donate to The Odin Project, I’ve searched the forums and on Google and can’t see to find anything at all.

I’m appreciative that this whole project is free and open source but I have no doubt there will be costs associated to running TOP and as TOP grows those costs will only increase.

I know some people take issue with websites being a little intrusive when it comes to asking for donations but a subtle link in the footer or header with information on how one could contribute financially would be good for those of us that wish to do so.

I’d love to know I’ve helped keep the lights on here and supported a good cause as I think what TOP is doing has the potential to change people’s lives, especially their working life and financial affairs.

Thanks @Rickeo

All the costs are covered by Thinkful who are a paid for bootcamp. That is why you see a Thinkful ad on the TOP site.

They’re a good option if you’re US based and want more support than we can offer but you can absolutely do it on your own using TOP. Others have.

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