Opinion about microverse.org


I got an email from Ariel Camus,(prob. one of the guys behind this site):

Hi there,

I just saw on Github that you are following The Odin Project curriculum. Are you or someone you know interested in completing The Odin Project doing remote pair programming with another student?

I run an online and immersive program where we pair students from different parts of the world to learn together while completing The Odin Project, working on freelance projects, and contributing to open source. We don’t charge anything unless you make money as a developer after the program, and we have some spots available right now.

This is the URL to sign up in case that sounds interesting: https://microverse.typeform.com/to/aUbdqe
And here is the website with more information about the program: http://www.microverse.org/

Let me know if you have any questions.

Ariel Camus
Microverse Founder

Anyone knows smth more about this site.


Hey @AgonIdrizi, I’m one of the maintainers for The Odin Project. We’ve been hearing more and more about these emails.

Ariel isn’t associated with us though. We believe he’s been finding TOP students to email by watching who submits student solutions to our repos on Github.


I received the email too I was wondering what is was all about I ended up deleting the email.


Yeah, just consider it spam tbh.


I’m sorry that I just found this topic. I wish I could have answered earlier.

I’m the founder of Microverse and the person who sent that email. We love The Odin Project and since we use it as the main guide for the students of our full-time program, I had the feeling that people who were completing The Odin Project by themselves could be interested in our program that offers mentorship, pair programming, and career coaching on top of The Odin Project completely free until you get a job.

As @KevinMulhern mentioned, I was basically emailing the people who were sending solutions to the more advanced parts of the curriculum, and I actually found that most of the people that I reached out to were really receptive to the idea of joining our program. In fact, some of them did join.

I really apologize if my email was annoying to anyone. I stopped sending them a long time ago. I think that there are great synergies between the two communities and we will continue encouraging our students to contribute to TOP as much as possible.

Happy coding!



@arielcamus I would like to bring this to your attention:

Also this: https://github.com/TheOdinProject/curriculum/blob/master/license.md


Thanks for pointing that out. I had a conversation with Erik a while ago and explained to him that we are not using The Odin Project to teach nor we are modifying it in any way or charging for it. We are just pointing students to go to The Odin Project as a way for them to stay focused on a single learning path. His answer was “That sounds within reasonable use so go for it.”, and that’s why we finally decided to go with TOP as our top recommendation for students to follow.