Opening file with code editor

Hello, my name is Bailey and I am very new to coding and to the Odin Project. I am a little embarrassed that my first question is this, because it seems like it should be simple to figure out but I can’t seem to. I am on the project: Practicing Git Basics and am stuck at step number 2 where it tells me to open my file on a code editor. The code editor I use is Visual Code Studio. I am wondering how to open the file that I created in my git_test directory in VCS? I have searched but do not see it anywhere and am not sure what I am doing wrong. Thanks, Bailey

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Hey Bailey,

In your terminal in the directory you created that has the file in it you should be able to type code and it should open VS Code with the readme open.


Hi CouchofTomato, thanks for the response :] I tried that and it didn’t work; it says “command not found” when I just type in Maybe it would help for me to show my code? I’ve screenshotted it here. I couldn’t include both screenshots since I’m a new user. Thanks, Bailey![

Nevermind, I figured it out. Sorry! Thanks for the help :]

So it’s all good now?

Yes, thanks :]

Thanks 4 da tip