Opening Atom from Ubuntu app on Windows?


I want to use Atom as my text editor, but I don’t know how to open Git files in it.


Hey, let’s see what can be done. First, are you using Windows, or Ubuntu?


I am currently running Windows.


Do you have Ubuntu running in a VM (virtual machine)?


No, I’m using Windows subsystem for Linux.


I’m not too familiar with the subsystem, but that’s fine. You have Atom installed, I take it?


Yes. Atom is installed.


What do you mean open git files?


I worded that poorly. I want to open files in a repository called git_test.


Did you install linux or windows version of atom?


I installed the windows version of atom.


Have a look at this


How do you add a new alias?


In the bashrc file like it says in the article


I’ve read that using native Windows applications to open files created in WSL can cause issues. Does this just depend on the app you are using or is this no longer the case? At least one person said that they had to scrap their WSL install after doing this.