Offline documentation could save your life. Or at least your day


As developers, we all know we’ll be Googling documentation and help for our tools at some point. No matter what our skill level or experience, we can’t remember it all.

Luckily, we have Google and the entire expanse of the web. But let me introduce a set of tools for more focused research and reference:

If you have a Mac, you may already be aware of Dash. There’s an equivalent for Linux called Zeal, and Velocity for Windows. They both use Dash’s docsets, so the user experience is about the same in all three. You should also know that there are likely editor plugins available for all of them.

You also have the choice of DevDocs from the folks at freeCodeCamp. Both in the form of the official web app and an unofficial desktop app.

No matter which one you choose, it’s a massive boost to productivity. All of them allow for searching the documentation of popular and ubiquitous developer tools, libraries, and programming languages in use today. They are regularly updated and allow search functions all the way down to the syntax or command.

It’s a good bet that any of the above apps will enhance your workflow and learning experience, so I wanted y’all to know about them.

Here’s a a search for console.log() in DevDocs for demonstration:

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