Official Discord for The Odin Project

Hi Everyone,

Please join >> our official Discord server<<. It’s like a BIG study group! :slight_smile:

Our server has over 2500+ members and is moderated by the people who wrote, and continue to maintain, the curriculum. In addition, many of our chat moderators are professional developers themselves who are very capable in assisting when you run into challenges related to our curriculum.

Our Discord server has channels relating to:

  • General Odin Project Chat
  • Daily check in channel for those looking for an accountability aspect
  • Contributing to our open source curriculum
  • Showing off/getting feedback on completed projects
  • Ubuntu support
  • HTML, CSS Support
  • JavaScript, NodeJS, Front-end framework support
  • Ruby, Rails support
  • Career advice
  • Off topic channels to discuss pets, games, music, fitness, cooking, and tech in general
  • and more!

If you have questions about our server, feel free to ask here.

See you there!


Hello there, The discord invite link seems to be invalid

edit: there was a problem with my browser. link works! thanks! :heart:

hello done and done



i’m happy to join this community.i’m beginner on programmation.your advice will be helpful.

THanks all

Done. Thanks for this platform. Exciting days ahead!

Hello partners. everithing done and ready to start!

Hi, thanks for sharing, done I’m there now :slightly_smiling_face: