Odin's Dark Side


Hello everyone,

I want to build a dark theme for Odin. Would that be of interest to anyone? I can build the css myself and post it on Git for people to critique and improve. Then maybe we can get this moved to the site with a toggle?

Let me know!


Hey @DarkxPunk, it sounds like a good idea. @adachiu designed the site so might be able to give some pointers on what colors will work well if you need any help with that :slight_smile:


I’m game for this @DarkxPunk, much prefer dark themes where available, easier on your eyes and arguably on your battery life too!


I’m ready to embrace the dark side, as long as there’s cookies and fluffy pillows.


I too think that this is a decent idea… and one that wouldn’t be tooooo impossible to implement.


@KevinMulhern sounds good. Will send over the dark color palette. I’ll open up a github issue for it with attachments! Will get on this in the next week.


Here is the Github issue. :grinning:


Yes! The darkside of the force will finally rule once again. Hah hah haaaah! :sunglasses:

Hey, I cant wait for this to get implemented. Its gonna be awesome when it happens.


I’m a complete n006 to the site (and coding), but I’ll take a dark theme anyday!