Odin on iPad - console.log work-around

Working on Odin using only an iPad I was struggling to find a way to work in Koder and still get the console.log() feedback for the Rock Paper Scissors project.

A work-around is the document.write() or the window.alert() functions which will display an argument without needing the terminal view.
I found the above functions here: https://www.w3schools.com/js/js_output.asp

Is anybody else working on an iPad? What native or web apps are you using? Have you found useful work-arounds for other limitations?

I have been using Koder primarily, using JSFiddle.net to use a console on occasion. I’m starting to use WorkingCopy for Git version-control (you can push from Koder!).

In the last few days I started creating a temporary div in my code to print feedback:
let output = createElement(‘div’); container.appendChild(output);

Then print whatever feedback I need this way:
output.textContent = ‘text or ${variable} here’;

It has worked better than document.write() (which writes over the whole screen!) or window.alert() (which creates a pop-up).

The output container is easy to delete or comment out when it’s not needed any more.