Novice question : is it best to learn many languages or stick to only one?

Hi everyone,

I come here looking for advice, as I don’t know which path is the best to follow.
I’m about to leave my job (I’m currently a phd student) to become another self taught programmer ;).

But here is my issue : i got a pretty strong background in python 3, and i enjoy it. But I just discovered TOP which is based on ruby. In order to become web dev, and knowing that I give myself 1 year to be job ready, what should i do ? Keep on learning with python or become a “jack of all trade” with TOP and ruby ?

Thanks everyone for your help !

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Hi, if you know how to program change to another language isnt very dificult. Basically is googling the syntax to do what you already know to do.
Of course there are some diferences between languages but are explainned in TOP very well.

It depends of the track you choose, if you want to be a fullstack developer (doing fronted and backed development) TOP offers the option to do it in Javascript or Ruby.

In the first you program both fronted and backed in javascript. In the other the fonted with javascritp and the backend in ruby

If you love python so much you can do only the fronted development track in TOP and learn how to do the backend in python by yourself.

Also you can learn how to do the backed with odin and then learn how to do the same thing in python with the framework you choose. The good thing of TOP is that teaches how to learn by yourself, so the passage isnt very hard.

Hi @Goratra,

I was stuck in that thought for a bit myself having taken a Python class for my network admin degree but wanting to learn JavaScript, C, and C#. I started watching videos on all of them and that only added to my frustration and confusion. If you’re already confident with your Python skills, why not grow your skillset and take on the full stack? Like you said, you have a strong background in Python, learning another language is already going to be a little easier for you than it would be for someone who isn’t familiar with any. You got this.

Stick to one and master it. So you should as the others already suggested strengthen your Python skills. Knowing everything on a more superficial level but nothing in deep won’t get you anywhere. Every employer knows that you can’t be an expert in every language and that’s why it’s more important to have a few skills but be good in those. Good luck!

I don’t think The Odin Project is the right one for you since you have a strong background in python.

Dive deep into python stack is the way to go, here is the right place for you & for others who wants to use python => Full Stack Python